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Goathead Warriors

Declare War on Goatheads


The Reason

Flat tires from goathead thorns ruin a bicycle ride.  The same thorns change a happy dog walk into a painful limping paws. It is time for our community to fight back.

The Mission

Our mission is to convert our neighborhoods and riverfront trail system into “goathead free zones.” No more flat tires. No limping paws.  No goatheads, period.   This will require a multi-year effort.  Goathead Warriors launched in 2016 by attacking goatheads on the riverfront trail system. In 2017 we are expanding the battle into neighborhoods in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.

The Battle Plan

This battle will be won street-by-street and neighborhood-by-neighborhood. Warriors volunteering to cover goatheads in their neighborhood is essential. GW can assist by providing shovels, goatheads gloves, 3 mil plastic bags and brochures to shave with your neighbors.

Killing and removing the goathead plants before they drop new seeds is to to winning. It requires persistence but can be done.


Our weapons: a shovel, 3 mil garbage bags, heavy duty gloves and good footwear.

The Key

Goatheads are a tough opponent. Our warriors are tougher. If you are interested in helping create a goathead free zone in your neighborhood, please use the JOIN THE FIGHT link to send your contact information and a message. THANK YOU!


The goathead battle starts in June and runs through September.