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Goathead Warriors

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On Goatheads

The Reason

On our riverfront trail system flat tires from goathead thorns instantly turn a beautiful bicycle ride into a walk back to the car.  This frustration impacts thousands of individuals and families each year. The same thorns can change a dog’s fun riverfront walk into a painful limping paw. For 2016 and onward we will begin to fight back.

The Mission

Our mission is to gradually convert the entire riverfront trail system into a “goathead free zone.” No more flat tires. No limping paws.  No goatheads, period.   This will require a multi-year effort.  We will take a strong step forward starting in 2016.

The Battle Plan

The riverfront trail has four sectors; The Rocky Reach Trail, West Side Loop Trail, East Side Loop Trail and Hydro-Park Trail. Each sector will be assigned a captain. Volunteer Goathead Warriors will help scout, attack and remove goatheads in that sector. Or you can volunteer as a ‘Commando’ and help on a spot basis as a “Commando,” which allows someone to volunteer on a “spot basis” meaning they will help when they can but not necessarily on a regular basis or section of trail.

The strategy is to find, kill and remove the goathead plants before they can drop new seeds. In heavier infestation areas, additional warriors will be called in to help.


Basic GW weapons: a shovel, 3 mil garbage bags, heavy duty gloves and good footwear.

The Key

Goatheads are a tough opponent. Our warriors will be tougher. We need a few good men and women to join in this fight. If you might be interested, please explore the website and send us an email.


The GW battle starts in June and will run through October.